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  • Vaping: the modern mixology
    Post time: May-14-2018

                            As cigarette smoking continues its decline; the popularity of vaping shows no sign of slowing down. The booming market has given rise to a new industry of vape liquid suppliers, blenders and ‘mixologists’, modern...Read more »

  • E-cigarettes might (eventually) help smokers quit
    Post time: May-11-2018

                            an electronic cigarettes help smokers quit? Research is mixed, complicated by the fact that researchers have largely ignored a possible cause-and-effect relationship between e-cigarette and cigarette smoking. But...Read more »

  • FEELLiFE in the Vaper Expo UK 2018
    Post time: May-07-2018

    FEELLiFE just attended the Vaper Expo May 2018- the sixth edition of the show based at the NEC Birmingham. The first show was held in 2015 and within just a few years the show has quadrupled in terms of size, number of exhibitors and visitor attendance. They have been working on creating a show t...Read more »

  • Vaping Linked to Decrease in Cigarette Smoking
    Post time: May-04-2018

                          A new study from Iceland’s Directorate of Health shows that smoking in Iceland is on the decline, with evidence that the use of e-cigarettes may be contributing to a decrease in the consumption of traditional cigarettes...Read more »

  • Vape Timeline: We Must Save the Industry that Saved Us
    Post time: Apr-23-2018

                            What if you had to opportunity to save lives and positively affect people daily while providing a life for your family and employment/career for people? This is what the vapor industry has done for my wife and I....Read more »

  • Greece: Majority of Current E-Cig Users Are Ex-Smokers
    Post time: Apr-19-2018

                            The study titled Electronic cigarette use in Greece: an analysis of a representative population sample in Attica prefecture, was led by renowned public health and anti-smoking researcher and expert Dr. Konstantin...Read more »

  • Do Increased Cigarette Prices Encourage Smokers to Quit?
    Post time: Apr-18-2018

                            Study author Prof Prabhat Jha, from the University of Toronto and St Michael’s Hospital, says that increased cigarette prices would not only save millions of lives, but also lead to an improved financial situatio...Read more »

  • Latest Global E-Cigarette Market Report
    Post time: Apr-17-2018

                            The report titled “Global E-Cigarette Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)“, was compiled by Researchmoz, a research agency whose database is composed of current market studies from over 100 featur...Read more »

  • FEELLiFE in IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

    In April 14th-16th, FEELLiFE attended the amazing show – IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo. IECIE, Shenzhen eCig Expo is a 3-day event held from 14th April to 16th April 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. Being the first domestic ecig exhibition organizer, l...Read more »

    Post time: Apr-12-2018

                            Technology has played a critical role in the development of the vaping world. Vaping was basically invented due to technology and since the first creation, many more features have been added to make vaping better...Read more »

  • Anti-Smoking Groups Need to Embrace E-cigs for Harm Reduction
    Post time: Apr-11-2018

                            In March 2017, associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner had said that e-cigarettes would be legalized and that New Zealand was adopting a low risk approach since scientific evidence about the safety of e-cigarettes...Read more »

  • BAT Study: Vaping Does Not Stain Teeth Like Smoking
    Post time: Apr-04-2018

                            To conduct the study which was presented at the American Association for Dental Research’s annual conference the researchers used a prototype e-cigarette and BAT’s HnB device Glo. They tested these devices on cow...Read more »

  • Australian Committee Divided Over E-Cigarette Regulations
    Post time: Apr-03-2018

                              The members of an Australian committee appointed to look into e-cigarette use have differing opinions on the right regulatory approach to e-cigarettes, yet its chairman recommends permitting the use of nic...Read more »

  • The FDA Considers Regulating Over-The-Counter E-Cig Sales
    Post time: Apr-02-2018

                            “Right now, we’re looking very actively at could we bring e-cigarettes into the over-the-counter regulatory pathway, which would give us many more tools to look at both safety and benefit, and study whether or no...Read more »

  • Liquid assets
    Post time: Mar-30-2018

                            The information from Retail Data Partnership comes at a time when some pundits believe the e-cigarette market in local shops has stagnated to a certain extent over the same period because more vapers are buying a...Read more »

  • FDA Sued for Delaying PMTA Compliance Deadline
    Post time: Mar-29-2018

                            In the last ten years, electronic cigarettes have exploded from non-existence to a $3.5 billion industry. An industry which up to less than a year ago, the FDA seemed set on destroying. The infamous deeming rule ...Read more »

  • Hong Kong: Vaping Rates on the Increase
    Post time: Mar-27-2018

                            According to an article on The Standard, the survey was carried out by the Census and Statistics Department, and shows that 5700 Hong Kong citizens were using e-cigarettes or heat-not-burn products in 2017. In fa...Read more »

  • FDA is About to Crack Down on Non-Compliant Vapes
    Post time: Mar-24-2018

                          The FDA looks ready to begin enforcing the most restrictive of the existing regulations written into its Deeming Rule: the ban on innovation of products after the grandfather date. Most vapers know the date by heart: Au...Read more »

  • The LIAF Brings Experts to EU Parliament to Discuss E-Cigs
    Post time: Mar-23-2018

                            The event was called “Electronic cigarette and damage reduction: a potential step forward for European health”, and featured a number of renowned speakers amongst which Agnieszka Kozakiewicz from the European Com...Read more »

  • What happens when you switch to vaping
    Post time: Mar-20-2018

                            Cigarette usage has been on a decline for several decades. This is due to multiple factors including their rising cost, smart anti-smoking campaigns, removing them from our media, and lastly: vaping. Believe it o...Read more »

    Post time: Mar-20-2018

    Medical Fair India 2018 was successfully held in Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India from Mar.16th-18th. The Medical Fair India 2018 is sponsored by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and its subsidiary in India. It is a brand medical exhibition in India, which affects the whole Indian med...Read more »

  • Big tobacco keeps tabs on growth of vaping
    Post time: Mar-19-2018

                            Sweet smelling “vape” shops that sell electronic cigarettes and vapers puffing out clouds of fragrant white smoke have become common sights on UK high streets. As traditional cigarette smoking has become less fas...Read more »

  • Leaders of National Bureau care about the healthy development of the industry and investigate private enterprises
    Post time: Mar-16-2018

    On the morning of March 15th, the leaders of the State Bureau visited FEELLiFE for investigation and guidance to understand the actual operation of the Electronic liquid industry and jointly explore solutions for the industry of new types of tobacco.             &nbs...Read more »

  • Russia to Regulate Vaping Products Differently Than Tobacco Products
    Post time: Mar-14-2018

    The Russian government has “taken the initiative to separate these devices into a separate category because they are radically different from traditional cigarettes and tobacco”, announced Minister Denis Manturov. This motion will be commended by many public health experts, who have been incessa...Read more »

  • What Changes Have Made Vaping More Popular
    Post time: Mar-13-2018

    The increase in the number of people using vaporizers has made vaping more popular than it was before. However, in spite of this increase, some people still don’t have a clue what vaping is and why it’s different from tobacco smoking. Although the popularity of vaporizers can be attributed to ma...Read more »

    Post time: Mar-10-2018

    The American Cancer Society’s (ACS) board of directors issued a new position statement on e-cigarettes, stating the products are “less harmful than smoking cigarettes” and recommending “clinicians support all attempts to quit the use of combustible tobacco and work with smokers to eventually sto...Read more »

  • US study finds that e-cig adverts may encourage smokers to quit
    Post time: Mar-09-2018

    According to the report published on NBER, there are four times as many nicotine replacement therapy ads than e-cigarette commercials around, and the researchers concluded that if more of the latter were could be seen, more smokers would quit. The researchers surveyed 25,000 individuals between ...Read more »

  • The Fourth Shenzhen eCig Expo Will be Held in April
    Post time: Mar-07-2018

    From April 14 to 16 2018, Shenzhen eCig Expo (hereinafter referred to as IECIE) hosted by Shenzhen UBM Creativity Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be formally opened in Halls 6/7/8/9 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. This is the fourth session since it was first held in 2015 and is evalua...Read more »

  • Vaping’s Popularity
    Post time: Mar-06-2018

    First things first: you’re right on about vaping’s popularity. The modern e-cigarette was invented in 2003, less than two decades ago. But vaping’s popularity has grown exponentially since, especially among young people. In fact, vaping is now more popular than cigarette smoking among teens. How...Read more »

  • Vaping on the NHS? Don’t hold your breath
    Post time: Mar-02-2018

    Experts told Parliament that a post-Brexit Britain should think about axing the most draconian EU-wide e-cigarette regulations to encourage people to quit smoking tobacco. The Science and Technology Select Committee heard oral evidence yesterday that the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD2) ban on ...Read more »

  • Vaping may be bad for kids, good for adults
    Post time: Mar-01-2018

    VAPING, or smoking battery powered devices known as e-cigarettes, may encourage youths to start smoking but may also help adults quit, according to a review of scientific research. The report by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is based on more than 800 peer-revi...Read more »

  • Study shows vaping reduces risks of mouth cancer, gum disease, tooth loss
    Post time: Feb-28-2018

    Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but did you also know that it can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and even mouth-cancer?  These are just a few of the negative side effects that smoking causes.  Smokers are also much more likely to suffer from bleeding gums, chronic bad breat...Read more »

  • Russia May Take A Pro-Vaping Stance
    Post time: Feb-27-2018

    Russia may soon encourage smokers to switch to vaping, and may even implement a tax scheme to make vapes more attractive to smokers than cigarettes. The news came in an interview with Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, published in the Moscow-based business paper Vedomosti. M...Read more »

  • The E-Cigarette Summit USA 2018
    Post time: Feb-26-2018

    The conference which is held regularly in London, had its inaugural US launch in May last year, and will be held again this year on Monday the 30th of April. Registration for those wishing to attend is now open, and the event is considered to be particularly relevant to regulators and policy adv...Read more »

  • NHS hospitals should sell e-cigarettes, says Government agency
    Post time: Feb-24-2018

    Hospitals should stock e-cigarettes for sale to patients and permit “vaping” in private rooms as part of the NHS ”smoke free” efforts, according to health chiefs. The call comes from Public Health England, as part of an evidence update on the safety of tobacco alternatives which it says should b...Read more »

  • Vaping could help alcoholics quit smoking – study
    Post time: Feb-23-2018

    Vaping could help alcoholics curb smoking while they’re detoxing in hospital and could take the weight off nurses. A study at a Porirua hospital, has found those who used e-cigarettes were more interested in quitting smoking permanently, than those who used nicotine gum or patches. Massey ...Read more »