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The Third Way of Dosing for Young Children

The Third Way of Dosing for Young Children

As influenza usually breaks out in summer and autumn, we would like to remind you to be alert to infection and help your child to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene.

Aerosol inhalation is considered as the preferred choice for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases such as cough, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and etc. Inhalation therapy is more important for infants and young children, as their upper respiratory tract is immature with lower immunity and resistance, which may lead to respiratory infection, mucosal swelling and mucus obstruction.

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What is nebulization treatment?

Inhalation therapy has become an important auxiliary remedy in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It can atomize the medication liquid to mist particles. The drugs can precipitate in the respiratory tract and directly act on the respiratory tract and lungs along with the airflow to achieve better therapeutic effect. The process of oral administration or intravenous injection is full of pain and poorly targeted. In contrast, aerosol inhalation has the characteristics of small dosage, quick effect and high safety and painless experience. It greatly minimizes drug degradation and loss, decreases harmful side-effects and drug toxicity, and improves drug bioavailability.

Accepting nebulization at home has become a new trend. However, when faced with all kinds of household nebulizer brands, customers must wonder which brand of household nebulizer is more professional?

Today, we recommend an intensively popular household nebulizer, FEELLiFE Airgel. With cartoon shape and light weight, FEELLiFE Airgel is specifically designed for children. Based on advanced micro-mesh technology, Airgel can nebulize medication liquid to 2.5μm particles and the active ingredients of drugs can directly act on the bronchia and alveoli with less than 0.1ml drug residue, which can help your baby quickly alleviate the asthma symptoms.

Nowadays, nebulizer is widely used all over the world and help fight a variety of respiratory diseases such as cough, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and etc. It is a good helper for human health.


Post time: Aug-11-2017
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