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WHO Recommends Aerosol Inhalation Treatment as the Preferred Choice of Asthma Treatment

A reliable survey shows that the vast majority of asthma patients are under 3 years old and the incidence of asthma in young children is on the rise. Nebulization in the treatment of asthma has been an upgraded version of the new treatment program. Nebulization at home is also the core approach to asthma treatment, especially among children under 5 years old. WHO classifies nebulization therapy as the main treatment for children with asthma. The Global Initiative for Asthma Management and Prevention also recommends inhalation of glucocorticoid (eg budesonide) as the prior selection of asthma treatment.

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How to Choose Asthma Drugs for Children?

1. Control-type asthma drugs

Half of control-type asthma drugs are hormones such as glucocorticoids, long-acting β2 receptor agonists and leukotriene modulators, which are used daily for a long time to improve lung function and prevent sudden onset. They are safe and effective with small dose in long-term clinical observation. 

2. Asthma remission drugs

Asthma remission drugs are emergency medicine such as short-acting β2 receptor agonists, theophylline and anticholinergic drugs, which have wonderful effectiveness of relieving coughs, wheezing, chest tightness and other symptoms during the attack of asthma.

In the early stages of childhood asthma treatment, a nebulization program should be developed by the specialist and upgraded or demoted depending on the severity of the disease and the degree of asthma control.

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Will Long-Term Inhalation of Hormones Have Adverse Reactions?

In fact, the dose of asthma inhalation is small. Drugs penetrate into the lower respiratory tract along with the airflow and act on the mucous membrane of the trachea. The amount of drugs entering the bloodstream is very small and they will be discharged by liver.

Only a small proportion of patients may suffer from mouth ulcers, hoarseness and sore throat. However, they will recover soon as long as washing face, rinsing mouth and relaxing for a while. In order to confirm whether asthma inhaled hormones have an impact on human height, the United States CAMP conducts an observation upon 1041 mild and moderate asthmatic children up to four and a half years. In the experiment, children aged 6-11 years use large doses of hormones for a long time. There is only 1.2cm height difference between those children who inhale hormones and other normal children without using drugs. Therefore, the impact on height difference can be neglected.

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Choose a Suitable Nebulizer

It is important to choose a suitable inhalation device for your child according to age. At present, there are a variety of household portable nebulizers on the market, and micro-mesh nebulizer is considered as the most advanced devices among the varieties available, which can ensure that the atomized particles are small enough to smoothly enter the lower airway.

Aerosol inhalation therapy can obviously improve the symptoms of asthma and reduce the risk of lung damage by reducing the dose of oral therapy or intramuscular injection. It must be noted that you need to wash face, rinse mouth and provide some water for your child after giving medicine by mask during the nebulization. You should consult the specialist about how to use a nebulizer and teach your child how to control breathing during nebulization.

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Post time: Aug-09-2017
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