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  • UK: Vaping Stigmatized Despite Local Campaigns
    Post time: 07-17-2018

                          Following a 12-day academic visit to Queen Mary College in London, Dr Roberto Sussman, a Senior Researcher in Physics from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) pointed out that even all the way back in Mexico, “the ...Read more »

  • Flavours in e-vapours attracting smokers
    Post time: 07-16-2018

                            Flavours in e-vapours are attracting and retaining smokers into the vaping category, a US-based study has found. The findings suggest that the majority of e-vapour product users, who had switched from smoking cig...Read more »

  • Vaping industry slams ‘moralistic’ new tobacco bill
    Post time: 07-14-2018

                          Vaping activists say the latest tobacco bill is ignorant and not based on scientific evidence. The vaping industry says it wants to be seen as a partner in South Africa’s health agenda because it is less harmful t...Read more »

  • Can Vaping Really Help You Quit Smoking?
    Post time: 07-12-2018

                          Vaping is almost certainly less harmful to your health than smoking cigarettes, since it doesn’t contain bits of burned-up tobacco leaf (the cancer-causing “tar” in cigarettes). But if that fact leads smokers to start v...Read more »

  • Flavors are key to smokers switching to vaping — US study
    Post time: 07-09-2018

                          New peer-reviewed research published today in the Harm Reduction Journal shows that flavours play a critical role in attracting – and retaining – smokers into the vaping category, directly contributing to to...Read more »

  • Rise of vaping has helped 1.6 million smokers kick habit in six years
    Post time: 07-04-2018

                            Vaping has helped slash smoker numbers by 1.6 million in six years. Figures show 6.1 million, or 15%, of adults in England used tobacco in 2017 – down from 7.7 million, or 20%, in 2011. And there are now 2.8 mill...Read more »

  • Vaping And Harm Reduction: Don’t Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Good
    Post time: 07-03-2018

                            We all know that cigarettes increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, and early death, among other things. While the tobacco smoke of cigarettes contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are known carcinog...Read more »

  • NSW’s ‘ridiculous’ new law: Vapers ‘punished’ for ditching cigs
    Post time: 07-02-2018

                          WELCOME to New South Wales’ “ridiculous” new law under which smokers eschewing cigarettes for vaping stand to be hit with $550 fines — for not lighting up. Laws set to take effect across the state in July will see user...Read more »

  • Lawmakers press FDA on e-cigarette regulations
    Post time: 06-30-2018

                            Gummy bear, cotton candy, and peanut butter cup are all flavors that are fueling an emerging health crisis. It’s not about food, we’re talking about e-cigarettes and their appeal to your kids. There aren’t any re...Read more »

  • Vaping Industry Rallies To Oppose Looming Flavor Crackdown From The FDA
    Post time: 06-29-2018

                            The vaping industry is rallying former smokers who quit using an electronic cigarette to share their stories with federal regulators, who are mulling restrictions on flavored products. The advocacy campaign, dubb...Read more »

  • Last Chance for the 115th: Protect Lifesaving Vaping Products from Extinction
    Post time: 06-25-2018

                            This June here at OpenMarket we’ll be looking at what the 115th Congress, which began January 3, 2017 and runs through January 3, 2019, has accomplished so far and what might still be achieved for limited governm...Read more »

  • What is Vapor? A Look Into The Mist
    Post time: 06-22-2018

                            Ask any group of vapers about their equipment, and they’ll likely give you an exhaustive breakdown of mods, tanks, coils, and rare, expensive cotton that wicks faster than lightning. Ask them about their liqu...Read more »

  • How vaping helps even hardened smokers quit
    Post time: 06-20-2018

                            Vaping helps people stop smoking – even when they don’t want to, according to new research from the University of East Anglia. A study published today shows that smokers who switch to vaping may be be...Read more »

  • Fog of war: is vaping good for smokers or only for Big Tobacco?
    Post time: 06-12-2018

                            Karen Counter isn’t quite sure what side of the law she’s on, but she’s 100 per cent sure she is right. The GP from the NSW north coast is signing up to proliferate electronic cigarettes –...Read more »

  • SmokeFreeBrain: The Latest Anti-Smoking Multinational Project
    Post time: 06-08-2018

                            Experts in toxicology, pulmonary medicine, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy, as well as health economics and health informatics, are joining forces to examine different anti-smoking strategies amongst high-ri...Read more »

  • Vaping is Becoming More Common in Movies and TV: Here are 7 Examples
    Post time: 06-07-2018

                            Smoking has often carried an air of sophistication especially when famous actors smoke unique e cigs on-screen. Throughout the fifties, Hollywood prominently featured scenes of actors smoking. Many smoked while d...Read more »

  • VTA Introduces Guidelines on U.S. Marketing Standards
    Post time: 06-04-2018

                            In their recent webinar, “A National Conversation on Marketing Standards: Industry Wake Up Call” the VTA provides a series of appropriate guiding principles on how to best comply with the FDA deeming rule. The ad...Read more »

    Post time: 06-02-2018

                            Smoking has serious health consequences. Not only does it cause cancer but more immediately it severely impacts cardio-vascular health. Some 40 years ago, a British psychiatrist said, “People smoke for nicotine b...Read more »

  • 10 Research Studies to Silence the Vape Skeptics
    Post time: 06-01-2018

                            We know how it is. You pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV, check into Facebook…and you know what’s lurking just ahead: more stories designed to scare everyone about vaping. Every day there’s a new one. The news ...Read more »

  • Vaping – the rise in five charts
    Post time: 05-31-2018

    For travellers looking forward to their summer holidays, what to pack can be a source of stress. But did you know that taking an e-cigarette with you to countries such Thailand could land you with a fine – or even time in jail? Countries including the Seychelles, Brazil and Argentina have a...Read more »

  • New vape lounge opens on Floyd Blvd.
    Post time: 05-28-2018

                            “Being rebellious,” says Trevor Watchorn, manager of new vape lounge. …turned into a hobby… “It basically just offers an alternative instead of going around and smoking cigarettes al...Read more »

  • Breakdown of VTA Webinar: Marketing Standards
    Post time: 05-25-2018

                            Industry professionals, advocates, vape reviewers, vape enthusiasts and any other vapor product user were all invited to register for the webinar VTA hosted. The webinar focused on the single most important situa...Read more »

  • Save Hundreds Every Year By Just Switching To Vaping
    Post time: 05-24-2018

                            People have been smoking tobacco for centuries. It was excellent for tobacco companies to increase the number of smokers, so in the 1900’s they began adding addictive and harmful substances to their products. As ...Read more »

  • NZ: Vaping Products Can be Lawfully Imported, Sold and Distributed
    Post time: 05-19-2018

                            In March 2017, associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner had said that e-cigarettes would be legalized and that New Zealand was adopting a low risk approach, since scientific evidence about the safety of e-cigarette...Read more »

  • Feds to regulate vaping
    Post time: 05-17-2018

                            The federal government has passed legislation that makes significant changes to tobacco laws by regulating vaping products and giving Health Canada the power to order plain packaging for cigarettes. The sweeping ...Read more »

  • The time to legalise vaping is now
    Post time: 05-16-2018

                            The New Zealand Initiative’s report on tobacco harm reduction further highlights the urgent need for vaping legalisation, National MP Nicky Wagner says. “Smoke and Vapour: The changing world of tobacco harm reduc...Read more »

  • Could Vaping Be the “Most Significant Public Health Benefit in a Generation”?
    Post time: 05-15-2018

                          It is hard to separate American history from the smell of tobacco smoke. The first English colonists in Jamestown grew tobacco as a cash crop and more than two hundred years later, smoking remains a hundred billion doll...Read more »

  • Vaping: the modern mixology
    Post time: 05-14-2018

                            As cigarette smoking continues its decline; the popularity of vaping shows no sign of slowing down. The booming market has given rise to a new industry of vape liquid suppliers, blenders and ‘mixologists’, modern...Read more »

  • Vaping Linked to Decrease in Cigarette Smoking
    Post time: 05-04-2018

                          A new study from Iceland’s Directorate of Health shows that smoking in Iceland is on the decline, with evidence that the use of e-cigarettes may be contributing to a decrease in the consumption of traditional cigarettes...Read more »

  • Vape Timeline: We Must Save the Industry that Saved Us
    Post time: 04-23-2018

                            What if you had to opportunity to save lives and positively affect people daily while providing a life for your family and employment/career for people? This is what the vapor industry has done for my wife and I....Read more »

  • Greece: Majority of Current E-Cig Users Are Ex-Smokers
    Post time: 04-19-2018

                            The study titled Electronic cigarette use in Greece: an analysis of a representative population sample in Attica prefecture, was led by renowned public health and anti-smoking researcher and expert Dr. Konstantin...Read more »

  • Do Increased Cigarette Prices Encourage Smokers to Quit?
    Post time: 04-18-2018

                            Study author Prof Prabhat Jha, from the University of Toronto and St Michael’s Hospital, says that increased cigarette prices would not only save millions of lives, but also lead to an improved financial situatio...Read more »

  • Latest Global E-Cigarette Market Report
    Post time: 04-17-2018

                            The report titled “Global E-Cigarette Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)“, was compiled by Researchmoz, a research agency whose database is composed of current market studies from over 100 featur...Read more »

  • FEELLiFE in IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo
    Post time: 04-16-2018

    In April 14th-16th, FEELLiFE attended the amazing show – IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo. IECIE, Shenzhen eCig Expo is a 3-day event held from 14th April to 16th April 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. Being the first domestic ecig exhibition organizer, l...Read more »

    Post time: 04-12-2018

                            Technology has played a critical role in the development of the vaping world. Vaping was basically invented due to technology and since the first creation, many more features have been added to make vaping better...Read more »

  • Anti-Smoking Groups Need to Embrace E-cigs for Harm Reduction
    Post time: 04-11-2018

                            In March 2017, associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner had said that e-cigarettes would be legalized and that New Zealand was adopting a low risk approach since scientific evidence about the safety of e-cigarettes...Read more »

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