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  • Edibles vs. topicals vs. vaping vs. oils: CBD products, explained
    Post time: Sep-21-2019

    Ever since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized hemp-derived cannabidiol or CBD, medical marijuana products have flooded the market. Burgers, coffee, cartridges, pet shampoo – you name it and there’s probably a version that contains CBD, as consumers have quickly realize...Les mer »

  • What Should I Know About CBD Vaping?
    Post time: Sep-20-2019

    CBD, or cannabidiol, has been getting a lot of attention lately because it can provide therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects that THC delivers. CBD is also legal, as it’s derived from industrial hemp. There are many ways to consume CBD, and vaping is a popular choice. But it’s im...Les mer »

  • Is vaping in the UK safe after seven people died?
    Post time: Sep-19-2019

    It was announced today that a Californian man, 40, had become the latest person to die from e-cigarette-related lung injuries in the US. But despite several states now banning vape flavours, Public Health England has maintained that vaping is still safe in the UK. Dr Nick Hopkinson, medical dire...Les mer »

  • Cannabis: While the US Waits, the World Opens Up
    Post time: Sep-17-2019

    Cannabis legalization is spreading its roots globally. Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize recreational cannabis in 2013. Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana in 2018. Many other countries have followed suit. However, the legality of medical and recreational cannabi...Les mer »

  • Don’t Panic over the Mystery Vaping Disease — but Maybe Lay Off the Counterfeit Products
    Post time: Sep-10-2019

    A lot of us on the right — including yours truly — have been quite enthusiastic about the potential of vaping to reduce smoking deaths without infringing on smokers’ personal freedom. The U.K.’s Royal College of Physicians estimates that vaping is, at most, only 5 percent as dangerous as smoking...Les mer »

  • Is vaping actually bad for your health? It’s complicated
    Post time: Sep-10-2019

    We all know smoking is bad for us. But e-cigarettes, with their futuristic casings and fruity flavours seemed to promise a safer alternative. Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping doesn’t deliver tar and carbon monoxide deep into the lungs, avoiding the health impacts of smoking’s two most dangerous...Les mer »

  • Vaping campaign set to launch, possibly one of the last
    Post time: Sep-09-2019

    Launching the latest and possibly the last significant marketing campaign for vaping, the largest Kiwi-owned vaping company is both unapologetic and frustrated. Alt New Zealand’s campaign, which will include televisions commercials after 8.30pm, comes as Big Tobacco gets more aggressive promotin...Les mer »

  • 5 tips to follow when shopping for vape juice online
    Post time: Sep-06-2019

    Maybe you’ve heard your friends talked about these wonderful e-cigarettes (the e-juice) and all the flavors, options, and benefits it’s got to offer, and you wondering how you can be a part of the league too. Well, have no worries, vape juice isn’t so hard to come by. Many like you, who love to ...Les mer »

  • 3 Benefits of Salt-Based Nicotine Vaping
    Post time: Aug-29-2019

    Nicotine vaping lets users add layers of enjoyment to their vaping experience. Through different flavors of e-juice and varying concentrations of the nicotine itself, you can get more vape, stronger flavor, and a better hit. Now you can add nicotine salts to that mix for even more benefits. Nico...Les mer »

  • Vaping: What you need to know about e-cigarettes
    Post time: Aug-28-2019

    Vaping, popular with teenagers and young adults, has been heralded as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but what do you need to know about it?   What is a vape? E-cigarettes, also known as vapourisers or vapes, are electronic devices which produce nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke...Les mer »

  • Regulation will clear the air around vaping
    Post time: Aug-27-2019

    Incoming regulations from the Ministry of Health on the promotion and sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products will be good news for everyone, says Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ Chief Executive Letitia O’Dwyer. There are currently no legal regulations around safety standards and sale of e...Les mer »

  • US Report: Vaping Seems to be Reducing Smoking Rates
    Post time: Aug-26-2019

    The survey data indicate that contrary to the current widespread fear that vaping could be addicting a whole new generation to smoking all over again, cigarette consumption among teenagers, young adults, and the general population, actually continues to decline. Additionally, in line with simila...Les mer »

  • Want to Try Vape? Here are 5 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea!
    Post time: Aug-24-2019

    Vaping is a healthier form of smoking. It has been dominating the consumer scene for the past decade.  And it should. Vaping brings many benefits to your life, whether you be a smoker or not. If you’re wondering what those benefits are, then keep reading. Below, we’ll discuss a few of those… Che...Les mer »

  • Mystery lung illness linked to vaping. Health officials investigating nearly 100 possible cases
    Post time: Aug-22-2019

    State and federal health officials are investigating almost 100 cases of mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping and e-cigarette use in 14 states in the US, many of them involving teens and young adults. A large number of those stricken ill have been hospitalised, with some in intensive care ...Les mer »

  • Largescale Review Finds Vaping Less Harmful For Lungs Than Smoking
    Post time: Aug-21-2019

    The research team led by renowned award winning Professor Riccardo Polosa, conducted a comprehensive review of studies analysing the link between vaping, smoking and lung health. In line with findings by the British Lung Foundationand reflecting the real-world experience of  millions of users, t...Les mer »

  • Another study backs vaping as safe, but US courts run wild and Mormons make up more rules
    Post time: Aug-19-2019

    Vaping health risks “unlikely” says major new review A new review of the science on e-cigarettes has found that normal, regular use of vapour products is unlikely to cause significant health concerns. The study, carried out at a leading Italian research centre, conformed earlier papers that say...Les mer »

  • The World Health Organization Blithely Denies Vaping Science
    Post time: Aug-16-2019

    In a recent report on global tobacco control policy, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to deny a growing body of evidence that suggests that electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), like e-cigarettes, are safer than products that burn tobacco leaves. But that doesn’t mean the WHO...Les mer »

  • Long-Term Vaping Effects Unknown? Separating Science From Hype As E-Cigarette Debate Rages
    Post time: Aug-15-2019

    After maintaining a pack-a-day habit for nearly three years, I gave up smoking in 2012 with the help of an electronic cigarette (e-cig). When I told my doctor later that year I had switched from smoking to vaping an e-cig, I expected a judgmental look and a finger-wagging lecture about the dange...Les mer »

  • How is vaping 95% safer than smoking?
    Post time: Aug-14-2019

    In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) had officially declared that “vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking”. A statement which the health organisation confirmed in 2018, when it was time to launch its new campaign called “PHE’s Health Harms campaign”. However, despite the fact that the “95% sa...Les mer »

  • Australian Government Releases Info. About E-Cig Scientific Inquiry
    Post time: Aug-10-2019

    Australia’s liberal party MPs have long been striving to overturn the current vaping ban. Down under the devices are legal, but the use of nicotine-containing refills is not. In August 2016, several public health activists had submitted proposals to local regulator Therapeutic Goods Administrati...Les mer »

  • Another Study Finds That Regular Vapers Are More Likely to Quit Smoking
    Post time: Aug-07-2019

    The study titled, “Electronic Cigarette Use and Cigarette Abstinence Over Two Years among U.S. Smokers in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study,” aimed to determine the relationship association between vaping and smoking cessation in a nationally representative cohort of U.S. smo...Les mer »

  • Vape shops on rise in region
    Post time: Aug-01-2019

    Vape retailers are popping up all over Southland and the responses from customers have been nothing but positive, owners say. Vaping has made its way across Southland over the past few years as more people switch from smoking. While there has been much scepticism since it was introduced to New Z...Les mer »

  • Data From New Zealand Shows Positive E-Cig Use Trends
    Post time: Jul-31-2019

    The research led by the Health Promotion Agency and recently published in the scientific journal Addictive Behaviours, has found that over half (56.5 percent) of current smokers, had at least tried e-cigarettes. And while approximately one in six Kiwi adults have tried the devices, only 2 percen...Les mer »

  • Nicotine Is Not Your Enemy
    Post time: Jul-29-2019

    In the fourth season of the popular show “Mad Men,” creative advertising executive Donald Draper pens a page-long ad in the New York Times explaining why he’s “quit tobacco.” A longtime creative force in pushing cigarettes in popular media, he decides he’s had a change of heart when it comes to ...Les mer »

  • New Zealand: Vape shops on the Rise in Southland
    Post time: Jul-27-2019

    Whilst vaping was initially met with skepticism, New Zealanders are becoming more and more aware of its relative health benefits. ”Some locals back in 2016 had not learned or understood what vaping was but over time vaping has become more common and known about,” said Craig Dawson, owner of Vape...Les mer »

  • How vaping has REVERSED the fall in nicotine use and tobacco giants are cashing in on the surprising trend
    Post time: Jul-26-2019

    The rise of e-cigarettes marketed as a safer alternative for smokers has led to more people getting hooked on nicotine products, research by a major tobacco company has revealed. Documents published by FTSE 100 giant British American Tobacco show the emergence of vaping and the use of other less...Les mer »

  • What America can learn from England about vaping
    Post time: Jul-24-2019

    While US policymakers are stoking hysteria about e-cigs, English hospitals are opening their own e-cig shops. Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) have been around for several years now. And while there is still much to be learned about e-cigarettes, scientific research has at least affirmed ...Les mer »

  • Vaping industry ‘increasingly agitated’ by Government’s vaping stance
    Post time: Jul-23-2019

    The Government is at risk of killing New Zealand’s Smokefree 2025 plans and decimating the local vaping industry, vaping advocates warn. Vaping entrepreneur Ben Pryor, who runs Alt New Zealand – which he claims is the largest Kiwi-owned vaping company – says the industry is &...Les mer »

  • Tough E-Cig Rules Might Push Folks Back to Smoking
    Post time: Jul-22-2019

    Banning flavors and lowering nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes is a strategy that could backfire, a new study suggests. Without those draws, many people would vape less and smoke more tobacco cigarettes, researchers claim. “Some regulations on e-cigarettes, like making safer batteri...Les mer »

  • e cigarette ban: Why has San Francisco banned e cigarettes? Will UK outlaw vape products?
    Post time: Jul-19-2019

    San Francisco voted to make shop e-cigarettes illegal along with any distribution of vaporisers within the city on Tuesday. City mayor London Breed has 10 days to approve the legislation but has indicated that she will do so. Last year, San Francisco outlawed flavoured tobacco, which in turn fol...Les mer »

  • UK Government Plans to Eradicate Smoking by 2030
    Post time: Jul-18-2019

    Last September, Public Health England’s (PHE) chief executive Duncan Selbie, had urged the National Health Service (NHS) to strive at making Britain effectively smoke-free by 2030. The public health organization, has been striving to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, as research keeps...Les mer »

  • Top Economist: San Francisco Vaping Ban Will Cause More Smoking
    Post time: Jul-17-2019

    San Francisco’s chief economist has stated that the city’s recent decision to ban the sale of e-cigarettes will make more people turn to traditional smoking — which is almost certainly worse for you. As a piece in Reason notes, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously (!) on June 2...Les mer »

  • Vape shops open in two ‘smoke-free’ hospitals
    Post time: Jul-16-2019

    E-cigarette shops have opened in two hospitals in the West Midlands after the NHS trust running the hospitals went smoke-free on 5 July 2019. The shops, run by Ecigwizard, opened in Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich and Birmingham City Hospital, both run by Sandwell and West Birmingham ...Les mer »

  • London has one of the highest rates of e-cigarette users in the UK
    Post time: Jul-13-2019

    ·  London revealed as one of the areas with the highest amount of e-cigarette users as data shows Vaping popularity higher in the South of England ·  London has the highest amount of spend on e-cigarette products than anywhere in the UK ·  Vape Britain data shows the regional uptake in vaping ac...Les mer »

  • Vape butikker åpne inne sykehus for å hjelpe røykere sparke en vane
    Tidspunkt: Jul-11-2019

    Vape butikker har åpnet i to NHS sykehus i West Midlands i et forsøk på å bidra til å eliminere røyking. Håpet er butikkene - Kjør av Ecigwizard- vil redusere antallet personer røyking på sykehusets område etter at bøter ble hentet inn i juli. Alle som lyser er nå utstedt med en kostnad på ...Les mer »

  • Vaping i Edmonton
    Tidspunkt: Jul-10-2019

      Shawn Kreger, eier av River City Vapes i Edmonton, kommentarer til Edmonton politiet tiltak for å dempe vape bruk i byen. Edmonton-området Vape butikker si en ny Edmonton Politiet kampanje for å eliminere salg av produkter med tilsatt smak vil skade dem som bruker vapes som et alternativ t ...Les mer »

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