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FEELLiFE USA E-liquid Factory--FEELLiFE Health Inc

FEELLiFE setting the U.S.A factory based on the purpose of offering short lead time, delivery time and lower freight to customers. The U.S. production and audit standards also give customers greater security and confidence.

FEELLiFE specialize in crafting premium eLiquid refills with the highest graded and quality ingredients. FEELLiFE premium eLiquid Refills are produced using aseptic technique by professionals using only ingredients deemed safe for human consumption.

All FEELLiFE products are certified and compliant to FDA,TPD,GCC(Bottles), CHIP, RoHS , MSDS, CE , CPT (Child Proof Safety)
 .Our secret formula e liquid Ingredients are tested and screened for purity by UKAS laboratories using GC/MS testing methods.All products are produced in strict accordance with laws and regulations.

FEELLiFE China E-liquid Factory--FEELLiFE Co.,Ltd.

Since set up in 2009, FEELLiFE has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the top global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, FEELLiFE make sure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality.

FEELLiFE’s international R&D center, their E-cigarette Research Institution, their intellectual properties, make it awarded with the “National High-Tech Enterprise” from the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the most authoritative affirmation and the national highest honor of science-and-technology enterprise.

FEELLiFE hold fully international certificates such as TUV-MSDS, JFRL … Even obtains the medical CE and cGMP (Dynamic pharmaceutical production management norms) certificates, the highest international pharmaceutical standards which usually only apply to US, EU and Japan.

FEELLiFE Medical--FEELLiFE Medical Inc

Since its establishment, FEELLiFE Medical Inc.  has been devoting to the development of portable nebulizer. We are dedicating to provide the third method of drug delivery for people. The research & development and manufacture of miniaturized devices, micron-scale parts and PCB are our core competencies, with significant success in the area of patent application for mesh nebulizer.

We are committed to these core values and advocating the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in order to achieve the objectives of optimized production procedure, high product quality, optimal yield rate, optimized production capacity, and high client satisfaction. We have more than 30 patents and keep on developing and improving new technology and products.  By applying full management systems and fulfilling certifications such as CFDA, CE and ISO13485, LFS Medical provides high quality products and services for customers worldwide.

We provide the third method of drug delivery for people! Leading the automization future of global healthcare!

CNAS Lab--Shenzhen Themis Testing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Themis Testing Co., Ltd. is a third-party testing organization which focuses on electronic cigarette products, flavors and fragrances product testing and certification services. The company follows the ISO / IEC17025 quality system, is China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) accredited laboratories. Themis Testing Co., Ltd maintained a good relationship with SGS, German Rhine, the United States UL, Intertek, and TUV, and has a good cooperation with the Shenzhen Commodity Inspection Bureau, Shenzhen measuring quality research institute, such this national laboratory.

FEELLiFE Energy--FEELLiFE Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

Huizhou FEELLiFE Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a corporation who is focused  on development, assembly and sales of high energy technology lithium titanate batteries(LTO). FEELLiFE owns 4000 m² of R&D center and production line. There are 30 experienced engineers in our R&D team. FEELLiFE establish a professional quality control system after production. So far, we are the top corporation of  man made heteromorphous lithium titanate battery development and manufacturer. The LTO batteries are used in military industry, energy storage, medical equipment, e-liquid, smart hand wear and other related energy product widely. There are 3 construction of FEELLiFE's LTO batteries: Aluminum column case, Steel column case and Plastic film bag. FEELLiFE owns many kinds of investigation patent. The LTO batteries of aluminum column case and steel column case are now in mass production. The LTO batteries technology of FEELLiFE's is at the top in the industry due to the aluminum column case density can be reached to 250 wh/L. And the thickness of plastic film bag can be reached 0.6mm only. This technology is advanced in the lithium titanate battery industry.