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Lithium Titanate Battery Services

FEELLiFE Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

Huizhou FEELLiFE Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a corporation who is focused  on development, assembly and sales of high energy technology lithium titanate batteries(LTO). FEELLiFE owns 4000 m² of R&D center and production line. There are 30 experienced engineers in our R&D team. FEELLiFE establish a professional quality control system after production. So far, we are the top corporation of  man made heteromorphous lithium titanate battery development and manufacturer. The LTO batteries are used in military industry, energy storage, medical equipment, e-liquid, smart hand wear and other related energy product widely. There are 3 construction of FEELLiFE's LTO batteries: Aluminum column case, Steel column case and Plastic film bag. FEELLiFE owns many kinds of investigation patent. The LTO batteries of aluminum column case and steel column case are now in mass production. The LTO batteries technology of FEELLiFE's is at the top in the industry due to the aluminum column case density can be reached to 250 wh/L. And the thickness of plastic film bag can be reached 0.6mm only. This technology is advanced in the lithium titanate battery industry.


Main Product

FEELLiFE's aluminum-plastic film soft bag lithium titanate battery with its peculiar advantage is applie to various types of apparel electronics and bluetooth products.

Main Application Areas

National military

Enery storage

Medical treatment

Electronic cigarette

wear areas

High safety performance & High-rate electrochemical performance

High safety performance


Thermal failure research

High temperature safety seperator

Fire-retardant additive

Anti-overcharage additive


High-rate electrochemical performance


High-energy density

Long cycle and low expansion

Fast charge

High-rate discharge

High/low temperature performance

Lithium titanate battery with high safety, high stability, long cycle life, high and low temperature resistance, fast charge, high ratio characteristics such as:                                                 High  Security

Steel shell lithium titanate battery safety tests such as acupuncture and burning jet battery do not fire explosion.

High Stability

Battery after 55 degrees high temperature cycle more than 1000 weeks deformation not inflatable.

 Long deep cycle life

Battery in 1 C to 10 times the rate of charge and discharge conditions, the cycle more than 3000 weeks.


10 C battery charging current  after 10 minutes, the battery charge to the electric power of 95%.

 Cryogenic property

Discharge preformance of battery in to 40℃, the capacity retention rate of more than 70%.

 High rate discharge

Battery in 30 C ratio current discharge condition, the capacity retention rate exceeds 90%.

Safety Performance

Vibration Test

Test Method: Install cell in the vibration table, adjust the equipment according to install cell on the vibration table, adjust the equipment according to the following vibration and amplitude frequency. From X, Y, Z three directions in 10 Hz~55 Hz sweep vibration to sweep for 30 mins with  the sweep frequency speed rate at 1 oct/min. Vibration frequency: 10 Hz~30 Hz Displacement amplitude(single): 0.38mm. Amplitude frequency:30 Hz~55Hz Displacement amplitude(single):0.19mm.

Criterion:Exterior appearance on apparent stain, leakage, smoke and explosion. Cell voltage no less than nominal voltage.

High Temperature and Humidity store Test

Test Method: The cell shall be put into the (40±2)℃, 90%-95% RH temperature and humidity box for 48 hours, then taken out at (20±5)℃ for 2 hours. Check its appearance with eyes. Obtain its discharging time after it is discharged at 1 C to cut-off voltage.

Criterion:The cell exterior appearance no deformations, corroision, smoke or explosion, and its discharging time should not be less than 36 minutes.

Free Drop Test

Test Method: Let the sample cell drop from  the height of 1 m to 18-20 mm wooden board on the cement floor. Drop from the positive and negative pole in X, Y, Z(6 directions) once respectively. Then at 1 C to act on the charge and discharge cycles until the diascharging time is no less than 51 mins.The cycles is no more then three times.

Criterion: cell no electrolyte leakage, smoke or explosion.

Forced-discharge Test

Test Method:

Discharge at a current of 1C for 2.5 hours.


No explosion, no fire.

Thermal Shock Test

Test Method:

Put the cell in the electric blast oven with speed of 5±2/min to increase the room temperature to 150±2, stored for 30mins.


No explosion, no fire.


25&55Short-circuit Test

Test Method:

Put the cell connected with thermocouples into the stink cupboard, short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes with copper wire (total resistance of circuit no greater than 50mΩ).Monitor the temperature of the Cells in the process, and stop the test when the temperature is 10lower than the peaks.


Cell with no fire or explosion. Highest temperature150℃.

Crush Test

Test Method:

Cells charged are crushed between two flat surfaces of crushing roll. The crushing is to be continued until a pressure reading of 17.2Mpa is reached. Applied force of 13KN.Once the maximum pressure has been obtained. it is to be released.


No explosion, no fire.


Burning Test

Test Method:

Put the cell onto the center of the screen which is used to do burning test, and cover the cover made of metal screening which is used to protect, than light the burning set to hot the screen till cell is exploded or destructed.


Any part of the explosion cell was not penetrated the screen, not any or all part of Cell was broken out of the screen.

Heavy Impact Test

Test Method:

Putting the cell on the platform, using 10KG heavy hammer free drop from 1M height onto the fixed cell.


Allowing the cell to be deformed, but no explosion and no fire.

Nail Test

Test Method:

Put tge cell connected with the rmocouples into the stink cupboard, with a Φ3.0 mm stainless steel pin in the speed of 20~40 mm/s to nail the largest surface center of the cell and remain 2 hours.

Criterion:No explosion, no fire.

Checkout Equipment

Moisture Control

Moisture Control

Bust control

Bust Control

Burr Conteol

Burr Control

Electrode thickness

Electrode Thickness

Battery seal

Battery Seal

Quality System and Certification


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 13485:2003

ISO 13485:2003





Production Equipment

Blender                                                                         Coating machine                                                        Winding machine

Salamander stove                                                      Capping machine                                                       Detection of tank

Splitting machine                                                      Roller  machine                                                          Liquid injection machine

Rubbler stopper machine                                        Points should the ark                                               Tunnel furnace

The voltage resistance tester                                  Battery drop tester                                                      GPH

Battery buring testing machine                             Short circuit testing machine                                 Constant temperature humidity chamber

Simulated altitude low pressure experiment box                                                                                       Battery impact extrusion needle machine

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