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Congratulations! feellife has successfully received the first round of PMTA acceptance review

On October 8, 2020, Cannapresso Health Inc., a subsidiary of Feellife in the United States, received the acceptance letter from FDA for the first round of PMTA applications. The applications include electronic cigarettes and electronic liquids. According to the US cooperative agent, FDA shows positive comments on the Feellife project application.

FDA PMTA of ecigarette and eliquid

The full name of PMTA is Premarket Tobacco Product Application, In July 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required all new tobacco products to pass PMTA certification. Related products already sold in the United States must submit a PMTA application within the specified time, otherwise they will not be sold in the US market.


Industry supervision and regulation

For any new tobacco products, FDA has also formulated complete and standardized audit standards, which is as strict as drug standards. FDA requires that the production process of e-cigarette equipment, e-liquid, and cartridges meet the standards of pharmaceutical companies, and the harmful substances must be less than that of traditional tobacco. In addition, a large number of cell experiments and clinical monitoring by third-party institutions are required to prove the safety of the product.


In addition, FDA requires the marketing of all products on the market to prevent young people from contacting or exposing to them. For minors, it will greatly protects the physical and mental health of minors and fulfills the responsibility of protecting the growth of minors.

For the enterprises, once they pass PMTA certification, it means that they have the qualifications and ability to compete in the US market, and they will be accepted by the world’s most stringent Food and Drug Administration in terms of product development, design, quality and safety. Moreover, the potential effects of PMTA certification may exceed the US market itself, it is a benchmark demonstration of other mainstream markets in the world, therefore, the importance of passing PMTA is self-evident.


Strengthen confidence and fulfill promises

The first round of PMTA application was successfully accepted, it is a time of commitment and challenge for Feellife. We cannot predict how relevant laws and regulations will evolve in the future, but the successful acceptance review will greatly enhance the project confidence of the feellife team. We will continue to invest in more atomized products to adopt PMTA standards and provide global users with a better quality and reliable product experience.

feellife USA factory

The reason why feellife invested huge capital, manpower and material resources to apply for PMTA is not just based on the consideration of sales in the US market. More importantly, we hope to make global consumers feel more at ease when using feellife products, and produce the most trustworthy and good products with high international standards for all customers.


Continuous innovation, synthetic nicotine may become a new trend in the industry

Synthetic nicotine is obtained through the theory of organic and pharmaceutical synthesis, with appropriate chemical reagents as the starting material, in a specific reaction conditions, after one or more steps of chemical reaction orientation and obtained synthetic nicotine which is the high-purity and high content of the material. At present, it is also a unique technology of Feellife.

synthetic nicotine eliquid

Post time: Oct-19-2020