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FEELLiFE is a member of AEMSA (American e liquid manufacturing stardands association.)

Use Permit Certificate

Use Permit

FEELLiFE owns The City of industry Permit for production.

Case Research Base

Case Research Base

FEELLiFE is the Case Research Base of Research institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen.

feellife-High-tech Enterprise Certificate

National High-Tech Enterprise

FEELLiFE is “National High-Tech Enterprise" awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the national highest honor of science-and-technology enterprise.

cGMP certification

cGMP Certification

FEELLiFE owns the  certificate of cGMP (Current Good Manufacture Practices), which is the  international advanced pharmaceutical standard  in Europe, America and Japan.


  • 18000 Square Feet, GMP Certified factory
  • ISO 7 Certified Clean Room
  • Professional Flavorist & Formulators on staff
  • Strict Quality Controls
  • Short cycle production, more effective delivery time
  • Automatic production lines
  • Up to one million bottles per month manufacturing capabilities
  • ISO 8 Laboratory,USP raw material
  • FDA,TPD,GCC(Bottles), CPT (Child Proof Safety) complied and certified.

FEELLiFE China Factory

8 Years professional e-liquids research and development engineers in electronic cigarette industry.

FEELLiFE owns a modern factory of 12,000 square meters certified by ISO22000 and cGMP.

FEELLiFE have already developed more than 2000 flavors selling well in the market, and the research and development is still ongoing.

FEELLiFE’s daily production capacity reach 100,000 bottles of e-liquid, and 10 tons of e-liquid in bulk.

Automatic Production lines: 10ml,15ml,30ml,60ml automatic Filling machine, packaging machines, Labeling machine, shrinkable machine, heating machine,etc.

Strict QC system

FEELLiFE testing team, with over 10 inspection machines, using the world’s leading testing equipment, such as GC (Gas Chromatography) and GC-MS (Gas Chromatography and MS-MS), precise analysis and rigorous monitoring for e-liquid, make sure the safety and quality of each batch of products.

GC-MS device

CNAS Laboratory

FEELLiFE has its own CNAS certified laboratory, it means FEELLiFE is qualified to do the third-party certification for other manufacturers world-wide.

CO2 Supercritical fluid extraction

CO₂ Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology

 FEELLiFE has six sets of CO2 supercritical fluid extraction equipment and industry-leading advanced extraction processes, keeping the tobacco extraction natural,healthy and mellow.



FEELLiFE hold fully international certificates such as TUV-MSDS, ISO22000, Even obtains the medical CE and cGMP certificates. All the certifications are suit for the highest international pharmaceutical standards.



For E-liquid - over 200 international and domestic patents (PCT), continuous innovations and new products launching keep FEELLiFE a vigorous team.

factory power

TPD, FDA registration

250+ sku e-liquids is FDA complied.70+ sku products is TPD complied. More than 270 sku products cooperation with global authoritative laboratories for TPD test. FEELLiFE TPD notification ongoing in 16 EU countries, more countries in plan.


R&D power

Profesional R&D Team

More than 8 years’ professional experience, FEELLiFE’s international R&D center, their E-liquid Research Institution, make it awarded with the "National High-Tech Enterprise" from the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the national highest honor of science-and-technology enterprise.

Top 1 Global E-liquid Manufacturer